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Regional chapters

In 1970, AmCham France created Regional Chapters to provide a local forum for US companies and entrepreneurs, and to create links between Americain and French firms and local officials and agencies.

These chapters are run by individual AmCham members, who work closely with the US Consulates, local development agencies, and local Franco-American organizations. Chapters vary in their structure, depending on their size and longevity. While some have their own informal board of directors, important decisions are approved by the AmCham France board. Chapter chairmen are invited to Board meetings in Paris and coordinate their activities with the AmCham France Managing Director.

As in AmCham Ile de France, Regional Chapters are open to companies of any nationality and to individuals and non-profit organisations. Goven the smaller size of the chapters, members have direct input for events and activities, which can be of a business or social nature. Annual US Independence Day celebrations, often coordinated with the US Consulate, are one of the highlights. Members are invited to all AmCham France events and have access to the same services and membership benefits as AmCham Ile de France members.