• What does AmCham France do?

    AmCham France's goals are to promote a productive and open business climate between France and the United States, characterized by free trade and unrestricted investment. AmChamFrance is the collective voice of Franco-American business interests. Through the Board of Directors and its Working Committees, it serves as both a forum and a representative body for US and French companies and professionals and associations with international interests. It allows American companies to integrate more effectively into the French business community, helps its members to understand the legislative and institutional framework in France and the European Union, and offers French firms an opportunity to build closer ties with American firms in France and the United States. Through strategic partnerships with similar organizations, AmCham France acts as a nexus for associations promoting transatlantic understanding. AmCham France organizes about 150 events annually throughout France, including high-level roundtables with French and U.S. decision makers, technical discussions, business training sessions, and cultural events. As the voice of US investors, and French firms with trans-Atlantic interests, AmCham France is also a recognized contact for the media and for all levels of government in Paris, Brussels and Washington.
  • What is the American Chamber of Commerce in France (AmCham France)?

    The American Chamber of Commerce in France (AmCham France) is a private, non-profit, membership organization. Founded in 1894 and presently with about 500 members, it is the oldest US business organization overseas. Our principal goal is to promote trade and investment between France and the United States. There are four AmCham Chapters located throughout France. The main office, with five permanent staff, is in Paris. AmCham Chapters, run by member company representatives in close collaboration with the US Consulates and regional development agencies, are based in Lyon, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Lille. AmCham France is accredited by the US Chamber of Commerce, and is affiliated with 115 American Chambers of Commerce worldwide. This network consists of approximately three million members. The network in Europe is "AmChams in Europe."  AmCham France also has a cooperation agreement with the network of 20 Franco-American Chambers of Commerce in the US.
  • Who can become a member of of AmCham France?

    According to the AmCham France By-Laws, membership is open to "all American and non-American citizens and all firms and corporations in good standing interested in the objectives of the Chamber."
  • If I am not a member of AmCham France, can I still attend AmCham France events?

    Many AmCham France events may be attended by members and non-members alike. Please note that the entrance fees for the events are higher for non-members. Media representatives and US and French Government officials may attend most events free of charge.
  • Does AmCham France have information on tourism, education, and visas?

    AmCham France does not provide tourist information. However, we work closely with member and partner institutions on trans-Atlantic educational exchange, immigration and similar living issues.  Please check the "Practical Information" rubrics on the website. 
  • Are your offices open to the general public?

    Yes, but an appointment is necessary. There is no library and only limited information material is available. The annual AmCham France Directory is sold via telephone or Internet. 
Should you be interested in meeting with AmCham staff personally to discuss membership, events or business services, please contact us by e-mail at amchamfrance@amchamfrance.org.