Special Business reports

  • IFA: Tax Measures to Promote Competitiveness and Investment in France

    October 29 2013
    A summary of the tax framework which serves to encourage competitiveness and investment among companies in France.
  • The Case for Investing in Europe 2013: Why U.S. firms should stay the course

    June 07 2013
    This study is written by Joseph P. Quinlan and published by AmCham EU.
  • The United States, European Union and International Investment

    January 02 2013
    The question of creating a Transatlantic Investment Agreement between the United States and the European Union is addressed in this report written by Peter H. Chase. With no single investment treaty existing between the U.S. and the EU, Chase provides an overview of international investment treaties and lays out a path for both sides to strengthen their economic relationship.


McKinsey Global Institute: Manufacturing…

McKinsey Global Institute: Manufacturing…

November 01 2012
This report, published by The McKinsey Global Institute, addresses the role of manufacturing…