• U.S. Business Visa Adjudications for the French Business Community

    October 11 2012, 01:00 - 01:00
    Location: AmCham France – 77 rue de Miromesnil 75008 Paris

    Richard S. Goldstein, Mark H. Atkisson, Vice-Consul for the American Embassy in Paris, and Robert Brennan, Chief of the Non-Immigrant Visa Unit at the American Embassy, discussed the ins and outs of the process of getting an American Visa. The presentation included an in depth look at the submission of non-immigrant business visa applications and explained adjudication procedures for various business visas. They also touched on passport and notary procedures with an emphasis on recent changes in both non-immigrant visa adjudications as well as American Citizens Service matters.

     Some of the information discussed can be found on the website of the American Embassy Paris ( as well as updated current practices and policies concerning visa application submissions and adjudication process.