• US Ambassador to NATO, on-the-record speech

    February 22 2008, 11:00 - 11:00
    Location: Press Club de France, 8 rue Jean Goujon, Paris 75008

    AmCham, inconjunction with US Embassy Paris and the Press Club de France, organized a major policy speech at the Press Club by the US Ambassador to NATO, Victoria Nuland, “Stronger NATO, Stronger EU, and a Stronger Relationship between Them.”

    On the importance of maintaining close ties between the United States and the EU Victoria Nuland said, "We, in the United States, need a Europe that is as strong and united as possible, ready and willing to bear its full measure of responsibility for defending our common security and advancing our shared values," and further into her speech declared that "we [United States] agree with France – Europe needs, the United States needs, NATO needs, the democratic world needs – a stronger, more capable European defense capacity."

    Download Ms Nuland's full speech download below.