• The Second European Meeting of the Labour Law Practice Group in Paris--Employment Practices and Regulations in Europe

    June 06 2008, 14:00 - 14:00
    Location: The American Chamber of Commerce France, 156 blvd Haussmann 75008 Paris

    Join Fromont, Briens & Associés for their information regional meeting on hiring in Europe, followed by an informal discussion.

    The subject of the meeting will include the following:
    •The hiring’s formalism (Required declarations, employee’s information, Specific formalities required when a foreign worker is hired etc...)
    •Contract of employment’s formalities (Form and substance of the contract of employment written contract or verbal agreements)
    •Applicable law to the foreign workers’ hiring in case of secondment of the foreign worker, in case of expatriation, etc...
    •The Insurance Coverage (Eventual obligation for the employer to affiliate employees, Complementary coverage... 

    The lawyers specialised in labour law from the following law firms will be present: 

    - Reynolds Porter Chamblerain LLP (London)
    - Brodies LLP (Edinburgh)
    - Eugene F. Collins (Dublin)
    - Boeckel de Nerée (Amsterdam)
    - Bech Bruun (Copenaghen)
    - Carabba & Partners (Rome-Milan)
    - Schwarz Kelwing Wicke Westphal (Munich-Berlin)
    - Fromont Briens & Associés (Paris-Lyon).


    6 juin 2008 de 14.00 à 16.00
    Le thème de la rencontre sera : l'embauche en Europe (formalités, contrats de travail, loi applicable, prestation des service intra-communautaire)

    Seront présents à cette réunion des avocats spécialisés en droit du travaiol des cabinets suivants :

    -Reynolds Porter Chamblerain LLP (London)
    -Brodies LLP (Edinburgh)
    -Eugene F. Collins (Dublin)
    -Boeckel de Nerée (Amsterdam)
    -Bech Bruun (Copenaghen)
    -Carabba & Partners (Rome-Milan)
    -Schwarz Kelwing Wicke Westphal (Munich-Berlin)
    -Fromont Briens & Associés (Paris-Lyon).