• The Power of Networks… How We Connect with (Just About) Everybody

    June 15 2012, 01:00 - 01:00
    Location: AmCham – 77 rue de Miromesnil 75008 Paris

     Networks are ubiquitous in our modern society. The World Wide Web links us to and enables information flows with the rest of the world. Our social life is organized around networks of friends and colleagues. They also potentially link us to everybody else in the world. Networks determine our information and knowledge and shape our socio-economic-political attitudes.
    This talk will introduce key tools for understanding networks. It will show how certain common principles relate to diverse networks and how the same issues relate to robustness, fragility, and inter-linkages in several different types of networks. This timely workshop should be relevant to specialists and non-specialists alike. Benefit today from The Power of Networks! Specific applications will be considered.
    Timings: 8.30am (coffee), start at 9am-1pm (including 2nd coffee break), followed by a light buffet lunch (networking).
    Elizabeth Albrycht has 20 years’ experience in the practice of high technology public relations and is an expert in digital communications and social media. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of these areas has been particularly garnered over the past seven years as an independent consultant for European and US-based clients. An American, based in Paris since 2003, she is a member of EUPRERA (European Public Relations Education and Research Association), a founding fellow of the Society for New Communications Research, (SNCR), a co-founder of the New Communications Forum and a member of the Future of Work. Elizabeth has also been co-chair of the annual PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) Digital Impact conference from 2009-2012. She has authored multiple articles on blogging, RSS and other new tools for industry trade publications, and has presented teleseminars and in-person seminars on new communications tools in the US and Europe. Elizabeth is a senior lecturer at Paris School of Business and the Institut Supérieur de Communication (ISCOM) in Paris, France, at both the BBA and Master's level. She is a doctoral candidate at the European Graduate School.
    Phillip Cartwright is from Chicago, Illinois and came to Paris in 1993 as Vice-President, Analytical Services, A.C. Nielsen, Europe. He has been a senior executive in management consulting with Ernst & Young and Arthur Andersen. He holds M.A., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Economics and has held senior academic posts at several institutions including the University of Georgia, INSEAD, Imperial College and is currently Professor of Economics at ESG MS and Paris School of Business. He is author of numerous publications in economics, marketing and quantitative methods. He is CEO of Horizonvu Group LLC and SARL, a music company focused on emerging artists and collaborative multi-art activities.

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