• Public Meeting - International Consumer Product Safety Caucus Pilot Tracking and Traceability Project for Baby Strollers

    April 12 2011, 04:30 - 04:30
    Location: OECD Conference Centre, 2, rue André Pascal 75775 Paris Cedex 16

     On April 12, 2011, from 4:30-6:30pm, the International Consumer Product Safety Caucus (ICPSC) will hold a public meeting for stakeholders interested in its pilot tracking and traceability project for baby strollers.  The meeting will take place at the OECD Conference Centre, 2, rue André Pascal 75775 Paris Cedex 16.  Attendees must preregister not later than April 1.  Please send an email to stating your desire to attend the April 12th  Baby Strollers Tracking and Traceability meeting and include your contact details and the organization you represent.

     The purpose of this public meeting is to allow ICPSC product safety regulators and market surveillance authorities to hear the views of stakeholders who might have an interest in the traceability requirements that exist in different jurisdictions and their possible convergence, especially in the area of baby strollers.   A number of stakeholder participants will make short remarks at the meeting. If you wish to be among this group, please register as indicated above and also send your request to speak to:  

     Written submissions are also welcome.  Documents should be sent to ICPSC at:    Directions to the conference centre, as well as access information, are available at: Please note also that the organizers are not able to subsidize the costs of attendance.


    In September 2009, the International Consumer Product Safety Caucus (ICPSC) hosted its first ever conference on an emerging regulatory issue.  Officials from 18 jurisdictions participated at this meeting in Stockholm to discuss emerging policy on consumer product tracking and traceability.  

     During subsequent discussions, ICPSC officials noted that there could be value in exploring whether convergence in product tracking information could be achieved on an international basis.  Baby strollers were identified as a useful candidate for a pilot exercise.  The pilot project contains the following main elements:  

    (A) Identify the characteristics of a uniform set of tracking information.  The staff of participating jurisdictions hope to reach consensus on a minimum set of information appearing on a product that would be helpful to consumers, enforcement authorities, and industry. The consensus would ideally include presentation of the information as uniformly as possible, while providing sufficient flexibility for conformity with various domestic regulatory scenarios.  The consensus might also include the display of information, in addition to that which is required by law.    

    (B) Engage with consumers, industry, and other interested stakeholders. To ensure that the consensus "label" takes into account the realities of the marketplace, obtaining the views of key stakeholders will be important. Given the differences between ICPSC jurisdictions, participating staff envisage that this process will be undertaken both in each jurisdiction separately, with reporting to the other jurisdictions, and in common, closed or open fora, such as the April 12, 2011 public meeting, as the ICPSC may find appropriate.  This ICPSC project is not intended to create a standard or a consensus with formal status.  Any consensus will simply provide a reference for possible implementation in individual jurisdictions pursuant to their own policies and procedures.

    For more information about the ICPSC, please see

    Public Meeting Agenda

    International Consumer Product Safety Caucus  - Pilot Tracking and Traceability Project for Baby Strollers

    April 12, 2011 – 4:30-6:30pm  -  OECD Conference Centre, Paris

    4:30 Call to order and background briefing on project by ICPSC

    4:40 Presentations by registered speakers, followed individually by questions from ICPSC officials Brief questions or comments by unregistered speakers as time allows  

    6:30 Adjourn