• Private Guided Visit of the Musee Matisse – Le Cateau Cambresis

    April 05 2013, 09:00 - 06:30

    With a stop at l’IF (Centre de l’Art Actif LESUR) in Picardie (Aisne).

    The museum was opened by Henri Matisse in 1952, two years before his death.  He chose the works to be displayed himself and they still comprise the basis of the collection today.  He also decided on their display in the Town Hall’s reception room for wedding ceremonies, where his parents had been married.  The collection is now housed in the Palais Fénelon, which was opened on November 8th 2002, 50 years after the artist’s death.

    We will be visiting the temporary exhibition “Matisse and his Colored Collages”.

    The use of cut-out colored paper has long been seen as a brilliant innovation by Matisse.  If one looks attentively at “The Dance”, (1912) one can see a pattern reflecting the same theme, repeated again, the same method of composition, the same use of the surface, with masses of color and the use of large curves.

    At Fresnoy, stopping at If will provide an opportunity to see a fine brick and stone example of Picardian architecture.  The proportions are harmonious and the main rooms open onto a hall tiled in black and white marble.  The building is the sole structure remaining as a monument to the Canton of Bohain which was largely destroyed in the first World War.

    The wide ranging collections made by the Lesur family that can be seen in this dwelling, are a memorial to the life of the family throughout several generations and add to the building’s charm.  In addition, visitors may also see Claude Lesur’s workshop.

    Members 70 € / Guests 80 €

    To register please send a check to:

    The American Club of Paris

    34 avenue de New York 75116 Paris

    or call 01 47 23 64 36/ 06 64 44 78 35