• Paris Investor Forum: A Consultative Group on Senegal and the SNDES

    February 24 2014, 00:00 - 00:00
    Location: Banque Mondiale, 66 Avenue Iéna, Paris

    This meeting, aimed at gathering public and private partners to finance the SNDES investment program, whose ambition is to foster strong economic growth with a real impact on human development, will try to embolden all development partners in funding priorities identified in the SNDES. More specifically, the meeting aims to:

    • - Provide an international platform for the Government to outline its vision and strategy for economic development;
    • - Strengthen links with traditional donors and partnerships with other donors and potential investors such as sovereign wealth funds and emerging markets;
    • - Match the funding gap required to fulfill financial closure of the overall financing of the priority actions plan of the SNDES;
    • - Strengthen the coordination, harmonization and partnerships between the Government, bilateral and multilateral partners and private investors, to seal mutually beneficial and solid commitments;
    • - Build consensus on the strategic framework for monitoring commitments and financial flows, as integrated in the mechanism for monitoring the implementation of the SNDES.

    Supported by the World Bank and the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), the Consultative Group will bring together representatives of the Senegalese Government & international organisations, partners involved in conventional financing, new partners and potential donors, national and international private sector, and those interested in carrying out infrastructure investments.