• Organizational Decision Making: Beyond performance measurement and organizational learning

    December 05 2013, 08:30 - 10:30
    Masterclass with Professor John Hegarty. Whether you are an aspiring or established corporate executive, this presentation will give you insights on how recent innovations can improve your organizational decision making.

    About the Event  

    Organizations must not only efficiently exploit lessons learned from experience, they must also effectively explore their environments for new opportunities. By recasting performance measurement as the 
    aspectual comparison of practices, organizations can assess the strategic relevance and practice maturity of their activities. In this management paradigm change the Contextual-Graphs representation formalism replaces the Decision Tree. At both the strategic and operational levels, management effort can be directed to those activities in most need of managerial attention by information systems conceptualized as Context-based Intelligent Assistant Systems (CIAS). 

    About the Speaker
    Dr. John HEGARTY is a professor of management at Paris School of Business and a member of the Value Lab at PSB. Following an MBA at INSEAD, John worked in management and consulting in France and Germany. John has a PhD in Computer Science from UPMC (Paris 6) and a PhD in Management Information Systems from University College, Cork. His research focuses on the role of context in activity management.