• New Media and IT Roundtable

    June 27 2007, 08:30 - 08:30
    Location: AmCham France

    Alice Pezard has been one of the most influential judges on the Paris Court of Appeals, deciding key cases involving telecommunications, competition, and copyright issues.   


    Justice Pezard will address Task Force and AmCham members on the question of whether new media platforms will be considered "technical intermediaries" immune from liability under the E-commerce Directive, or "publishers" fully accountable for content appearing on the site.  Judge Pezard will discuss user-generated content, and how French courts approach these difficult issues. 


    Below is an outline of Judge Pezard's impressive career.


    Alice Pezard’s career encompasses extensive governmental experience in law and business.


     Professional Career


    Present activities  Appointed at the Supreme Court as a Judge in May 2007

    Since 2003, “President de chambre”, in the Paris Court of Appeals, in charge of trade and anti-trust law, financial services, telecommunications and intellectual property.

    Simultaneously external lawyer for the Appeals proceedings of the European Patent Office (EPO).

    Appointed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) to participate in United Nations’ missions in Haiti and Gabon.

    Associate Professor at the University of Paris (Paris XI) and teaches a course in Trade and Finance Policy.


    Previous appointments : From 1995 until 2002, head of the legal affairs and tax Department in the French and International banking Group “Caisse des dépôts et Consignations”.

    In 1986 - 1995, legal Adviser at the Ministry of Finance of Mr Jean-Claude Trichet Treasury Head. Responsible for French and international privatisation programs (Kazakstan, Thailand, Russia) with speeches at the New York Stock Exchange about these matters.

    In the Spring 1983, in charge of French proceedings in the European Human Rights Courts in Strasbourg (France)..

    From 1977 to 1983, she worked as a prosecutor in the Courts before being appointed as a member of the Ministry of Justice where she supervised the implementation of anti-trust law in the oil industry.

    Since the beginning of her career, she has taught in economic and legal programs in law and business schools in France and abroad (Cambodia, University of Cairo).

    In addition, she has given speeches in the Middle East (Iraq, Lebanon) and has visited Japan and China several times.

    The Egyptian Arbitration Court invited her to be an honoured member.

    In the Fall 2004, she gave a conference in Canada on codification of international economic law.


     Educational Background


    She received her law degrees at the University of Paris together with an “avocat” certificate. After completing her studies at the “Ecole nationale de la Magistrature”, she passed the national exam to be a judge in 1976.


     Other activities


    Regularly Alice Pezard collaborates closely with l’ “Institut des Hautes études scientifiques” and la “Société savante de mathématiques”.

    For several years, she has managed publication for a collection of comparative trade, finance and business ethics. This worldwide research was performed with economists and mathematicians and its results were used by a think thank under the Minister of Finance.

    In the past decade, she was on the Boards of the Mazaryck association (Slovak and Czech lawyers) and of the Franco-British lawyers’.

    She was the Chairman of a French Distance Learning Institute which was actively involved in Africa.


    Selected Publications


    - Books including :


    “The future of European finance” ; City of York (Paris, 1995)


     “Codified French monetary and financial regulations” (LexisNexis, 2004, preface by J.-Cl. Trichet, new edition (in preparation), preface by M. Camdessus)


    “Corporate Governance in American and French law” (Documentation française)


    “Droit et Déontologie des activités financières : comparaison internationale” (Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Japan)


    “Corporate governance : perspectives internationales”


    “Droit et Déontologie des activités financières en Allemagne”



    - Papers for legal or economic reviews on international privatisations, corporate governance, European competitions and take-overs, derivatives and ethics in Finance including :


    “Nouvelles orientations des privatisations au Kazakhstan”


    “Le droit applicable aux investissements étrangers dans la Fédération de Russie”


    “Les privatisations en Tchécoslovaquie”


    “Les lois de privatisation tchécoslovaques, russes et kazakhes”


    “Un droit des affaires dans le Sud-Est asiatique?”


    “Les projets communautaires en matière d’offres publiques”


    “L’Evolution du droit positif dans le domaine de la déontologie des services financiers” (Rapport moral sur l’argent dans le Monde - 2000)


    “Une nouvelle source du droit : les normes déontologiques en matière bancaire et boursière dans les Etats de l’Union européenne”

    “Activités Financières et effets du Passeport européen”


    “Modernisation des activités financières en Europe”


    “Les fonds de pension étrangers : harmonisation du droit”


    “L’introduction du trust en droit français : la fiducie”


    “Pensions in France” (The Double Century Club, the Law Society, 1992)