• Modernizing the French Economy: Understanding the new Law

    September 26 2008, 01:00 - 01:00
    Location: Restaurant Moulin de La Wantzenau

    With the Summer holidays about to end, we of the American Chamber of Commerce in France, Alsace-Lorraine Chapter (AmCham), would like to include you in a special “back to business” invitation. Whether you are a current or prospective AmCham member, the inaugural program of our new season, set for September, will be of particular interest to you, your colleagues, and your enterprise – CHANGE is indeed in the air!

    AmCham programs, like the organisation itself, are not limited to US-owned companies! On the contrary, AmCham is a transatlantic platform open to ALL companies interested in sharing good practices of management, sharing ideas for better national and regional government, and to making the America-Europe connection a leading force in the global economy. Local company, subsidiary of a Foreign group, university, local government…everybody can join!

    We at AmCham believe that good discussions are good business, and the best meetings are those including a diversity of voices.