• Lunch with Jean-David Levitte

    December 12 2007, 13:00 - 13:00
    Location: Cercle de l'Union Interallie

    With the election of Nicolas Sarkozy cooperation between the United States and France is once again at the top of the agenda. Will the US and France put aside past disagreements on policies from Iraq to climate change and sanctions, and lower the pitch on commercial disputes? The early signs are positive, but traditional attitudes, economic exigencies, or unexpected international events could continue to compromise the relationship. Ambassador Jean David Levitte has been in the center of the Franco-American relationship for 12 years. First as diplomatic counselor to President Chirac, then as Ambassador at the United Nations, and from 2002-2007 as Ambassador to the United States. Now, as diplomatic counselor to President Sarkozy, he has an opportunity to fulfill his long term goal and mission of strengthening the trans-Atlantic relationship. The American Club and the American Chamber of Commerce, which have been important players in Franco-American relations for a century, were pleased to welcome Ambassador Levitte for a frank, off-the-record discussion and luncheon.