• Launch of the AmCham Club

    July 08 2015, 18:30 - 22:00
    Location: HILTON PARIS OPERA, 108 Rue Saint-Lazare, 75008 Paris


    At AmCham, we know how important it is to bring people together to encourage business and to enjoy and strengthen this transatlantic friendship. So we are very happy to announce that we are launching The AmCham Club.

    "In partnership with the Hilton Paris Opera, we bring you a series of networking events throughout the year. Each one will focus on a theme, and we're starting off with a theme that touches all of us: bridging our 120 years of history as AmCham France to the future, as we begin our AmCham NextGen endeavour. AmCham is truly a bridge across the Atlantic; between large corporations and SMEs as well as entrepreneurs; and now between generations." Caroline Ryan, AmCham France Managing Director.

    This event is the last get-together before the summer, so come join us for an evening at Le Petit Bar at the Hilton Paris Opera - which will be privatized just for you! Bring friends, family and colleagues and enjoy a free cocktail inspired by our red, white and blue colors, and developed by the master cocktail bar-tender at the Hilton. We'll also be serving sliders and mini vegetarian burgers!

    This event is open to member and non-members so we look forward to seeing many of you there. 

    Members and Non-Members welcome!
    Includes one free special AmCham France cocktail or glass of champagne

    Special thanks to our new member the Hilton Paris Opera, to find out about theme, visit their website: