• International Arbitration: Theory and Practice

    June 19 2012, 01:00 - 01:00
    Location: AmCham, 77 rue Miromesnil 75008 Paris

    Legal Lingua offers you a 1-day workshop to understand international arbitration in English!
    Many business use international arbitration as a way to resolve cross-border disputes. What is international arbitration? How should parties draft arbitration agreements and documents? How can international arbitral awards be enforced? What is the cost of resolving disputes through international arbitration?
    Through a mixture of theory and role-play preparation, this one day seminar gives participants a practical framework for preparing for and participating in international arbitrations.
    Over the course of the day, we will address the following issues:

    • Institutional arbitration vs. ad hoc arbitration
    • Arbitration institutions
    • Drafting arbitration agreements
    • How to prepare and draft arbitration documents
    • Terms of Reference
    • The selection and appointment of arbitrators
    • How to challenge an arbitrator
    • Disclosure and discovery in international arbitration
    • The recognition and enforcement of arbitral Awards
    • The cost of international arbitration

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    WHO: Anyone
    WHEN: June 19, 2012 8h30-18h00
    WHERE: AmCham, 77 rue Miromesnil 75008 Paris
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    Carla Davidovich graduated from Georgetown University Law Center and has received extensive training in negotiation and mediation from Harvard Negotiation Institute at Harvard Law School as well as the Institut Catholique de Paris and Central European University in Budapest. She worked for many years as a lawyer specializing in international arbitration and is also a trained mediator. Currently she works as a professor at ESG school of Management, Paris School of Business and as a partner at Resolvers, a company specializing in negotiation and mediation training. After receiving her law degree, she worked for several years at an international law firm in New York and Moscow before relocating to Paris in 2002. Ms. Davidovich has worked in the United States, Argentina, Russia and France.
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