• Industry site selection for an affiliate in the U.S. ****Event Posponed until further notice due to pending strike that day******

    October 07 2008, 18:30 - 18:30
    Location: AmCham France, 156 boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris

    On an almost weekly basis media reports indicate that the continuing strength of the Euro against the U.S. Dollar is causing many European manufacturers, with a notable U.S. market share to consider whether profit margins can be increased by establishing manufacturing facilities in the U.S.  Prominent among recent examples, are the plans to create new facilities in the U.S. by EADS/Airbus, Thyssen Krupp, and Volkswagen.
    In considering this question, European manufacturers evaluate many factors centered around projected investment and operating costs, the value of possible inducements to be received from U.S. states and municipalities, and the various logistical factors related to component supply and delivery to market.  The questions considered are as variable as they are numerous and complex.
    To provide some informative background information regarding these questions we are pleased to offer a short program featuring three well qualified speakers with experience in this area: 
     Mr. Pierre Cardin, General Counsel of EADS-NA, who is based in Washington, will discuss some of the practical aspects considered by EADS/Airbus in determining where in the U.S. to locate the planned aircraft assembly facility, and how arrangements for the facility, to be constructed in Mobile, Alabama were identified and negotiated.  Mr. Cardin was and is integrally involved in all aspects of the EADS/Airbus project.
    Ms. Ann Marie Woessner, Senior Vice President of the Business and Economic Incentives Practice for Jones LaSalle in Dallas, Texas, will discuss practical aspects of the logistics of determining where to locate a new industrial facility and will describe available tax incentives and planning matters.  Ms. Woessner advised EADS/Airbus in connection with its project and her firm is currently also advising other firms in connection with their plans to site new facilities in the U.S.
     Mr. George Marchese, a partner in the New York law firm, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, will discuss some of the practical aspects of site selection and how both the investment and operating costs of a new facility may be offset by inducements which can be negotiated with various states within a climate of created competition for hosting the new facility.  Mr. Marchese has acted as legal counsel to a number of prominent companies considering U.S. site selection matters including EADS/Airbus and Daimler. 
    The program will be followed by a reception during which Messrs. Cardin and Marchese and Ms. Woessner will be available to respond to questions.