• How to be smart (time & cost-wise) when maintaining your annual SOX certification?

    September 21 2010, 08:30 - 08:30
    Location: AmCham

    How to be smart (time & cost-wise) when maintaining your annual SOX certification?
    By M. Chawki Madaoui, Certified Internal Auditor and Founder of EBR Consulting  (firm servicing clients in risk management issues at large & internal audit)
    The Sarbanes Oxley act was enacted close to 10 years ago. The consequences of this act on the course of normal business for corporations within the US as well as overseas, have been widely commented. The complexities of formalizing all internal controls, including the ones that are secondary, have been commonly seen as time-consuming and bringing poor added-value. On the other hand, embracing an internal culture geared toward enhancing information traceability and people responsibility is seen as a substantial plus from a governance stand-point.
    Today's challenge lies without a doubt in the ability to minimize efforts needed to renew its annual certification, while enhancing internal awareness linked to maintaining internal data-traceability at all times. Thus, the goal of this short presentation is : to  "tip you off" on how to capitalize on previous year efforts, to better prepare in-house for the current year certification pre-work, which ultimately will reduce the time and fees of final reviews by your financial auditors.
    Chawki Madaoui holds a master degree in finance from the University of Connecticut, and had worked for Ernst & Young LLP out of the Boston office in the service line dedicated to Internal Audit. Chawki also conducts on a regular basis seminars on behalf of the French branch of the IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors).


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