• Green Growth in Green Cities? Croissance Verte - buzzword ou réalité?

    August 05 2014, 00:00 - 00:00
    In a context of global economic downturn, environmental challenges and social issues, our economic models are questioned. All stakeholders, governments, international organizations, business and civil society, have already realized that it is time to find new growth drivers.

    This growth should be « green », currently called Green Growth. According to the OECD, it « is generally defined as a means to create jobs and economic growth while reducing costs and environmental impacts over the long run ».
    This search of growth will necessarily be done at the scale of cities. Indeed, more than half of world population live in cities on a territory that represents less than 3% of the Earth. This massive urbanisation will keep growing as experts expect that 70% of the global population will live in urban areas by 2050.

    Although cities have widely contributed to climate change (80% of CO2 emissions) and energy consumption, they will play a key role in the emergence of a new growth since they offer the fertile ground to the Green Growth, such as skills, innovation, economic activities and at the end of the day, a market to experiment and develop tomorrow’s solutions.
    This conference, organized by the ENPC MBA Alumni in collaboration with the AmCham Green Growth Working Committee (American Chamber of Commerce in France), has a two-fold objective :  understanding how this new growth lies at the heart of cities, their actors and their ecosystems and introducing the emergence of new economic models.
    To introduce the subject, Ms. Alexis Robert, ex-coordinator of OECD Green Cities programme, will present the state of the art on green growth in the context of the city and the latest international guidelines on this matter.
    The speakers will then focus on the future growth levers:
    • New markets associated with environmental performance,
    • How to do more with less through the digital revolution,
    • The imperative of business model innovation,
    • Innovative partnerships in the collaboration era (including PPP),
    • The emergence of participatory citizenship in the design of new services.
    Finally, they will discuss the challenges to overcome and to succeed in this paradigm shift (commitment  and responsiveness of public authorities, financing models, etc.) and the most effective ways to enhance green growth development.
    The speakers* :
    • Mr. Jean-Charles André, Business Development Executive, IBM
    • Mrs. Isabelle Baraud Serfaty, Urban Economy Expert, Ibicity
    • Mrs. Valérie Bauwens, Founder of Human Centricity
    • Mr. Olivier Corradi, Co-founder of SNIPS
    • Mr. Jean-Pierre Gonguet, Chief Editor of La Tribune du Grand Paris 
    • Mr. Taisei Miura, CEO of M2Ocity
    • Ms. Alexis Robert, Policy Analyst, Green Growth, Climate Change and Development and Ex-Coordinator Green Cities Programme, OECD
    • Mrs. Sawato Takeuchi, President of the House of culture of Japan in Paris
    * The speakers may change pending further confirmations.
    Number of seats limited. Registration is required via the agenda of the Ponts Alliance website:
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    Participation fee: 30€ for AmCham members.

    For any questions or suggestions, please contact the Event Manager:
    Amina Galiano:

    Access information :
    Maison de la culture du Japon
    101 bis Quai Branly
    75015 Paris