• EU Initiative - The Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base

    December 14 2007, 08:30 - 08:30
    Location: AmCham

    The European Commission presented a draft proposal for a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) across Europe at a working party meeting Sept 28-29 in Brussels allowing multinational groups to be taxed for all of their activities in the EU on a common corporate tax base.  This proposal, while not complete, has raised a number of concerns amongst the business community.  Our partner organization, AmCham EU, has been able to engage in periodic stakeholder consultations, and has used these platforms to ensure that business concerns are well represented at the technical level.  The EU Commission will issue, in 2008, a comprehensive legislative proposal.  It would be propitious for American business to speak with a unified voice on this topic.  For example, it is important that the CCCTB be optional for companies, that it be consolidated; and that its administration be simplified.  Come exchange views with one of the French government's foremost experts on this important subject.  Mr. Christian Comolet-Tirman (sous-directeur de la Prospective et des Relations internationales of the French Tax Authorities and Chair of the sub-group on taxable income of the European Commission’s working group) will make a presentation concerning the CCCBT.