• Discussion with Treasury Under Secretary for International Affairs

    March 20 2008, 08:30 - 08:30
    Location: AmCham France
    Second event of the AmCham Finance Club
    AmCham France, and the AmCham Finance Club, are proud to host the Under Secretary for International Affairs of the US Treasury Department, David McCormick, for a frank discussion on international financial issues, trade in financial services, investment, and economic development.  The Under Secretary for International Affairs has long been one of the most important players in international economic policy, and is the US representative to the G-7 for financial issues.  He will make a short presentation and then would like to hear the views of AmCham executives.
    Mr. McCormick, who became Under Secretary in August 2007, when key issues such as sub-prime and sovereign wealth funds were first hitting the news, is uniquely qualified.  Previously he was Deputy National Security Advisor to the President for International Economic Affairs and Under Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration with global policy and law enforcement responsibilities for high technology trade and controls.