• Convergence of economic liberalism and humanism

    October 12 2009, 01:00 - 01:00
    Location: Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Strasbourg et du Bas-Rhin 10, place Gutenberg - Strasbourg

    Michael Carter is one of the rare Englishmen to manage a French privately owned company, the Socomec Group (an electrical equipment manufacturer of 2400 people, France and international, head quartered at Benfeld). He has prepared a conference called “convergence of economic liberalism and humanism” to illustrate that the reality of French (or other) companies is very different from the fantasy sometimes portrayed by the media or by certain politicians.

    His conference looks at the importance of companies contributing to the community through wealth creation and taxes, and then takes a micro-economic perspective to dismantle many of the preconceived ideas existing around capitalism.  How profits is not a dirty word, but a vector for creating jobs. How a well-run company has a very long term view of value creation, for which the most important asset is developing people. How to demystify the threats of globalisation, and how the sticky labour laws in France unintentionally contribute to unemployment.

    Only “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” will try to defend liberalism in the current economic crisis.  So he will also take a critical look at the recent financial crisis, to conclude that the fault is equally with certain politicians, and not necessarily in the failure of the market.