• AmCham France and the AFII reinforce their partnership.

    October 10 2012, 01:00 - 01:00

    On Monday October 8th, AmCham France, represented by President Eric Boustouller and the Agence Française pour les Investissements Internationaux (Invest in France Agency, or IFA), represented by its President Mr. David Appia, signed a partnership agreement, formalizing their standing relationship. The organisations’ joint objective is to foster the development of American investment in France and to promote France’s economic image to American business leaders in the U.S. As Eric Boustouller, president of the AmCham stated, “We are very pleased and honored to attain our partnership with the AFII, which will naturally extend the historical mission of the American Chamber of Commerce in France. AmCham has worked since 1894 to attract and promote U.S. investment - the United States today positioning itself at the forefront of foreign investors in France. Together with the AFII, our goal is clear: to continue to show that France is and will remain a favored destination for U.S. investment”.

    The collaboration has two objectives; one is to foster the development of American investment in France by employing the proficiency and experience that both partners can contribute to the field. The second is to promote, through collaborative projects, France’s economic image to American business leaders and to the influential economic networks in the United States.

    Together, the partners will promote joint participation in events, business seminars, and workshops as well as other missions related to the strengthening of Franco-American business affairs in order to encourage and facilitate investment. The presence of over four-thousand American enterprises in France, along with the substantiation that 649 new investments have been made in France in the last five years by American firms, demonstrates the vitality of Franco-American relationships.

    Mr. David Appia of the AFII stated that "France is the second country in Europe to host job-creating investments from the United States. The partnership, that we are pleased to sign today with the oldest American Chambers of Commerce in Europe. AmCham France will strengthen the relationship with U.S. companies operating in France and will support them more broadly and more expertly than others who pursue an investment project in our country”.