• Academic Enterprise (ACES) Conference and Awards Gala at l'Hotel de Ville

    December 10 2009, 01:00 - 01:00
    Location: Hôtel de Ville, Paris

    How can we keep the ideas flowing from lab to market, in such hard economic times? What are the most important spin-out lessons to be learned, and pitfalls to avoid, for a researcher or investor ?
    Why do big companies need tech startups? A look at the strategies of two multinationals. Amgen and Procter & Gamble
    Meet the ACES finalists and get to know Europe’s hottest new University spin-outs.

    The ACES Academic Enterprise conference is your best source to answer these questions and will enable you to network and gain insights from over 200 researchers, executives, academics and policy leaders
    Gain insights and knowledge on successful business practices for academic spin-out businesses
    Draw on the latest research from industry leaders
    Meet new people and build mutually beneficial business relationships

    Don’t miss this exciting and thought-provoking conference.

    ACES Awards
    The awards gives Europe-wide public recognition to those researchers, engineers, professors, students and government officials in Europe who have done the most in 2009 to foster a culture of enterprise on campus. This can be through taking the risk of launching a spinout company, developing a discovery into a marketable innovation (at the risk of the tenure-track publication record), or promoting policies that create a receptive environment for entrepreneurship on campus. The awards are in five themes: ICT, Life Sciences,Energy/Environment, Materials/Chemistry and the Fast Start (recognizing new and fast growing companies in any category). In addition, the Science|Business Innovation Board will present the Bridge Award to honour an individual who in the Board’s opinion has done the most to create and encourage academic entrepreneurship.
    This unique platform unites some of the greatest names in European research universities, multinational corporations and foundations with a common goal to enhance an entrepreneurial culture in Europe’s research base – for the greater benefit of the European economy. These awards will be judged by the Science|Business Innovation Board and Representatives of the university and sponsor supporters of the programme. The Science|Business Innovation Board, which holds meetings twice a year and makes recommendations on innovation policy, includes Pat Cox, former president of the European Parliament; Jean- Philippe Courtois, President of Microsoft International; David Eyton, Group Head for Research and Technology, BP Plc; Roch Doliveux, Chairman and CEO, UCB, Denis Payre, Cofounder and President, Kiala;Dean J.Frank Brown, INSEAD; Philippe Pouletty, General Partner, Truffle Capital; Dean Alfons Sauquet, ESADE Business School.

    ACES Academic Enterprise conference
    10 December 2009
    Hôtel de Ville, Paris
    09:00 – 16:30

    High-level speakers include:
    Frank Brown,Dean, INSEAD
    Jean-Philippe Courtois, President of Microsoft International
    Roch Doliveux, Chairman and CEO, UCB
    David Eyton, Group Vice President, Research and
    Technology, BP PLC
    Marc de Garidel,Vice President, Amgen International
    Bart Gordon,United States Congressman, Chairman of the Committee on Science &Technology, U.S. House of Representatives
    Maurizio Marchesini,Vice President of Research & Development, Procter & Gamble
    Alfons Sauquet Rovirar, Dean, ESADE Business School
    Cyrille van Effenterre,President, ParisTech
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